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ABN Amro
Bank of America
Barclays Bank
Capital One
Chevy Chase Bank
Citizens Bank
Commonwealth Bank
Compass Bank
ING Direct
National City
Option One
Saxon Mortgage
Washington Mutual
Wells Fargo



We Encourage You To Explore The Many Refiance Programs Available To You

Below you will find a list of common refiance programs. Follow the link of a given program to read detailed explanations about that type of mortgage.

  • Fixed Rate Refiance - What is specifically meant by the term 'fixed rate' and how can a refinancing into a fixed rate help you?
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgage - Also referred to as Variable Rate Mortgages or "ARM's". Discusses the benefits, explains terms; what is Negative Amortization; contains an "Index Table" explaining Prime Rate, Libor & other popular indices for ARM programs
  • Home Equity Loan - 2nd Mortgage - Details the variations between the types of 2nd Mortgage Refiance programs that are available including a Home Equity Lines of Credit and Home Equity Loans. Find out which one is best for your situation.
  • FHA - VA Refiance - Lists requirements for qualifying as well as the benefits in obtaining these government-backed loan programs.
  • Stated Income - Also known as 'SIVA' the 'Stated Income Verified Assets' program allows you to state you income while requiring that you document your assets
  • Stated Income Stated Assets - Also referred to as 'SISA' the 'Stated Income Stated Assets' program permits you to state both your income and assets
  • No Income No Assets - Also called 'NINA' the 'No Income No Assets' program does not require the disclosure of income or assets
  • No Doc - Short for 'No Documentation Loan' this program does not require you to disclose income, assets or prove employment

  • View a Complete Refiance Terms List Here.

    For a partial list of states and cities wherein we offer localized service view our State List and our City List.

  Points Explained  
Refiance Points Explained Find out what points are and learn whether or not it makes sense to pay them...
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  Fees Explained  
Fees Explained Find out the 'real' costs of your mortgage. This page will help you understand how your money is being used---and how it shouldn't be used...
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  Beat The Banks  

  Deutsche Bank
  Household Bank
  Orchard Bank
  Union Bank
  American First
  Charter One
  Fifth Third Bank
  First National Bank
  First Premier Bank
  Huntington Bank
  Key Bank
  LaSalle Bank
  Scotia Bank
  Sovereign Bank

For the lowest California Refiance Rates...

Be Sure To Locate Your City Using This Complete Cities List and State List

San Jose; is the 3rd most populous city in California and is also the county seat of Santa Clara...Read More
Detroit; is a major port city known as the automotive capital of the world. It is also Michigan's largest city...Read More
Austin; is county seat of Travis County while also being the fourth most populous city in the state of Texas...Read More
Baltimore; is the the most populous city in the state Maryland with its population of nearly 650,000...Read More
Boston; is the most populous New England city and the largest in the state of Massachusetts...Read More
Charlotte; this North Carolinian city is now home to a number of major financial instituions...Read More
Columbus; is the capital and most populous city in the state of Ohio...Read More
Denver; this capital city of Colorado lays claim as the largest city within a six hundred mile area...Read More
Fort Worth; this county seat of Tarrant is in the Northern part of Texas...Read More
Louisville; this Kentucky capital city is located on the Falls of Ohio and is known as the 'Northernmost Southern City'...Read More
Memphis; this Tennessee city is the second largest in the Southeastern United States...Read More
Nashville; this Tennessee capital city is recognized as the home and heart of Country Music...Read More
Seattle; is located between Puget Sound and Lake Washington in the state of Washington & is the most populous city in the Pacific Northwest...Read More
Atlanta; the largest city in Georgia is punctuated with highrise and midrise buildings of modern and postmodern vintage. ...Read More
Cleveland; this county seat of Cuyahoga was founded in 1796...Read More
Kansas City; is located at the junction of the Missouri and Kansas rivers & is the most populous city in Missouri...Read More
Las Vegas; is an internationally known shopping, gambling,vacation, and entertainment destination...Read More
Miami; located in the northern Biscayne Bay it is the largest city in the South Florida metropolitan area...Read More
Minneapolis; lies on the banks of the Mississippi river and is the largest city in the state of Minnesota...Read More
Portland; located in the Pacific Northwest this city is known for strong land-use planning and investment in public transit...Read More
Chicago; the largest city in the Midwest and the 3rd largest in the United States...Read More
Dallas; is well known for its role in the petroleum industry, telecommunications, computer technology, banking, and transportation...Read More
Houston; was incorporated on June 5, 1837 and named after General Sam Houston...Read More
Indianapolis; is the capital of Indiana and the county seat of Marion County...Read More
Jacksonville; is the most populous city in Florida and the county seat of Duval County...Read More
New York; located in Southern New York, this is the largest city in the U.S...Read More
Los Angeles; California's most populous city and the recognized center of the the entertainment industry...Read More
Philadelphia; the largest city in Pennsylvania is often referred to as Philly of the City of Brotherly Love...Read More
Phoenix; this capital city is the largest in Arizona and is also the county seat of Maricopa County...Read More
San Antonio; the 2nd largest city in Texas is known for its riverwalk, the Alamo and Tejano culture...Read More
San Diego; a coastal city in Southern California with a population of about 1.2 million citizens...Read More
San Francisco; is renowned for its chilly summer fog, steep rolling hills, an eclectic mix of Victorian and modern architecture...Read More

Select Your Bank From the List Below and Beat The Banks Today

Abn Amro; is one of the largest banks in Europe and has operations all over the world with a history going back to 1824...Read More
American First; is a credit union that makes available a variety of lending products...Read More
Bank of America; is the largest bank in the U.S.A. in terms of deposits and the third largest company in the world...Read More
Barclays Bank; is a major international financial services provider and currently ranks as about the eighteenth largest company in the world...Read More
Capital One; is a Virginia based bank that provides services for credit cards, savings, banking, home and auto loans...Read More
Charter One; was recently acquired by Citizens Financial Group which started out in Rhode Island...Read More
Chase; now part of JPMorgan Chase, was formed by the merger of the Chase National Bank and the Bank of the Manhattan Company...Read More
Chevy Chase; is a federally chartered thrift with more than 250 branches in the Eastern United States...Read More
Citimortgage; is the home loan arm of Citibank/Citigroup and is recognized as one of the largest financial institutions in the world...Read More
Citizens Bank; is a Rhode Island company that began in Providence in 1828...Read More
Commonwealth Bank; began operating in 1912 and is one of Australia's largest banks...Read More
Compass Bank; is a sun-belt based financial insitution operating 420 offices with over 100,000 employees...Read More
Countrywide; is the largest originator of home loans in the country with both retail and wholesale operations...Read More
Deutsche Bank; is a world-wide bank that was founded in Germany in 1870...Read More
Fifth Third Bank; is an Ohio-based bank with origins dating back to the merger of Fifth International Bank and Third International Bank...Read More
First National Bank; based in Omaha this financial institution operates over twenty branches...Read More
First Premier Bank; is a South Dakota based institution with about 3,000 employees...Read More
GMAC; has automotive financing, insurance and mortgage operations in 40 countries around the world...Read More
Household Bank; one of the nation's largest institutions which has been acquired by HSBC...Read More
HSBC; is a well known international financial corporation with operations that include mortgages, secured loans, auto loans, personal noncredit loans...Read More
Huntington Bank; is the 24th largest bank in the nation and is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio...Read More
Indymac; is presently the seventh largest Savings & Loan institution in the country...Read More
ING Direct; is an international banking, asset management and insurance company based in Netherlands...Read More
Key Bank; is a Fortune 500 bank with over 18,000 employees and nearly 1,000 branches across 13 states...Read More
LaSalle Bank; is a bank headquartered in Chicago and claims assets of over 100 billion dollars...Read More
National City; this Cleveland, Ohio based company is one of the 10 largest American banks in terms of total deposits...Read More
Option One; originates loans on a wholesale and correspondent basis through a network of 43,000 approved brokers...Read More
Orchard Bank; has recently become a part of HSBC which is a major international bank...Read More
Saxon Mortgage; is one of the few subprime lenders to survive the 'Meltdown' of 2007...Read More
Scotia Bank; is leading North American Bank and Canada's most international financial institution...Read More
Sovereign Bank; provides banking and insurance services and ranks as the 19th largest financial services institution in the country...Read More
SunTrust; was founded 1885 in Atlanta, Georgia, where its headquarters remain...Read More
Union Bank; is in the top 25 banks in terms of size (in the U.S.) while operating over 300 branches in the western states...Read More
Wachovia; has banking centers in 15 East coast states and Washington, D.C. as well as in six Latin American countries, and investment banking clients in selected industries nationwide...Read More
Washington Mutual; operates more than 2,600 retail banking, mortgage lending, commercial banking, and financial services offices ...Read More
Wells Fargo; is a result of a merger between California-based Wells Fargo & Co. and Minneapolis-based Norwest Corporation in 1998...Read More

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